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veteranWith you by our side, we are tackling PTSD and other trauma related issues of the Veteran service men and women of America.

The US has retained its position as the world’s most powerful nation. It’s economic, political, cultural, and artistic influence shapes the world.  Sadly, although our defense budget is over $600 billion, our service men and women do not receive the care they need and deserve.

PTSD is not selective and does not only affect those on the front lines, it also affects those that serve as support personnel, from cooks to clerks, to mechanics and technicians and everyone in between. Over 1/2 of the reported cases of Veteran PTSD are from stress, pressure and even abuse. The numbers are shocking, and distressingly, likely not accurate as many struggle with PTSD without reporting it. Feelings of shame and the fear of appearing “weak” are the most common reasons many do not seek help.  Without treatment, sufferers are prone to turn to drugs and alcohol to “self-medicate”, slowly but surely family and friends turn away, unable to help their loved ones. Those affected suffer from low self-esteem, depression and feel a loss of dignity and hope. Suicide rates among PTSD sufferers are heartbreakingly high: 23% attempted suicide at one point in their lives. At OMD, we strive to provide our service men and women the care they need in the form of service dogs, counseling, and community outreach programs, restoring their hope, their dignity, and their lives.

Numbers and prevalence of veteron PTSD abound, demonstrating that action is needed to respond to this growing problem.

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